Pre– K Program

Maize Pre-K Program-Open to any child who is 3 or 4 by August 31st. Three year olds have a 2 day or 4 day a week option, four year olds attend 4 half days per week. Monthly fee applies.

Grant Funded Pre-K program– Students must be 4 by August 31st and meet one or more of the following criteria in order to qualify: 1) Single parent household, 2) Parent does not hold a high school diploma or GED, 3) Teen parent at the time of child’s birth, 4) Family qualifies for Federal free/reduced lunch program (must fill out paperwork), 5) Limited English proficiency (English not the primary language), 6) Child has a developmental delay as documented through assessments **A limited number of 3 year-olds will be accepted if space is available**

IEP Pre-K Program– Student has a qualifying Individual Education Plan on file (ages 3-5)

Pre-K Program

Pre-K Program goal: All children will enter Kindergarten ready to be successful.

A Day at Pre-K

A day in Pre-K includes engaging circle time activities with songs, rhymes, stories, calendar time, and an introduction to the alphabet, letter sounds, colors, numbers, shapes and patterning that follows the Maize curriculum and meet Kansas state standards.   Academic Instruction is integrated into activities throughout the day. Instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of your individual child. 

Learning centers provide children with opportunities to participate in enrichment activities that build on the skills taught during circle time.  The children develop reading, writing and math skills, along with creative expression through art and dramatic play.  Center time also allows children opportunities to problem-solve, share and develop positive social skills.  Each week children attend music class, library and gym time.  Promethean Boards and other technology are used to support learning in every classroom.  All classes are taught by caring, licensed teachers who are dedicated to early childhood education. 

Our Pre-K strives to meet the needs of young children ages 3-5 by providing support services to the child with special needs and his/her family by using individualized educational programs. The IEP is developed by a team including some or all of the following: psychologist, principal, ECD teacher, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist,social worker, and nurse. Preschool services provides support to children with a range of services from mild speech delays to children with significant development delays. 

Maize ECC is a great place for your child’s first educational experience as they begin their school career.  We are high quality education in a secure school environment.  Give your child an "A-Maizing"  start!


To view the Maize Early Childhood Pre-K Parent Handbook, 

Why Support Early Childhood Programs?

  • Brain Development: Ninety percent of children's brain development occurs before age 5.
  • Improve K-12: Studies show that high quality early childhood programs are the best way to support improved academic outcomes in K-12.
  • Return on Investment: Decades of research proves that for every $1 invested in early childhood programs, the state saves $7.

Key Finding in Brain Development:

  • Interaction between genetics and early experience shape brain architecture.
  • Early experiences contribute significantly to the structure of the brain and it's capacities.
  • Early interactions, how we relate and respond, directly affect the way the brain is wired.
  • There are optimal times of brain development.