Maize Way Character Education Program 


Guiding Principles

1. Connect with all students.  

2. Model the traits in interactions with students and each other.  

3. Use common language (PreK-12)

4. Involve all students in character development.

5. Integrate with other subjects.

6. Incorporate traits in classroom management plans.

7. Commit to character education as an ongoing process.

Building Level Character Education Team

Each building will have a Character Education Team that will help implement the district wide program.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact one of the buildings.  If you have any suggestions for a great character education activity, please share it:
VES - Michael Dome, Andi ShipmanMCE - David Jennings, Andre Dome
MES - Kyle White, Becky StephensPWS - Nils Gabrielson, Carrie Heide
MSE - Eric Nachtigal, Katie Fank, Liz BarnabyECC - June Rempel
MMS - Chad CramerMSMS - Craig Ryan, John Suchan
MHS - Sonya Tice, Paula BetteCHSM - Hiedi Albin
MSHS - Dave Nash, Adam Melichar 

You may download the monthly themes located in the folder below: