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Pictured left: Donation to Maize Boosters during the Vype Magazine Game of the Week.

The Maize School District athletic program is a significant part of the total educational experience available to students. These programs enhance learning in the school and contribute to a positive school climate. Participation in extracurricular activities is strongly encouraged because students learn teamwork, develop physically and emotionally, develop a sense of belonging and enhance their self-image.

Participation in athletics is a privilege and differs from a student’s right to a general high school education. Rules and regulations governing each of the various athletic programs have been established to ensure fairness to all students and to guarantee that the school image resulting from the students who represent their school is a positive one. 

The Maize School District believes that athletics and activities is an important aspect of student life, and is dedicated both in theory and practice to the athletic/activities program. The health and well being of participants is first and foremost in the implementation of all athletic/activity programs. 

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When coaches begin practices in Maize USD 266, they consider more than just how to win the next game. They think about how they can help the students learn valuable lessons, such as respect, responsibility and integrity.

In the Maize School District, coaches work to encourage their student athletes to be champions of character.  Coaches integrate life lessons into their practices and games.

For a coaching position at Maize USD 266, interested individuals should apply for available positions on our Careers Homepage.

Athletic Office:  (316) 729-4191

High Schools:
Maize High School Building Athletic Director:  Eric Wolgast
Maize South High School Building Athletic Director:  Curtis Klein

Middle Schools:
Maize Middle School Building Athletic Director:  Chad Cramer
Maize South Middle School Building Athletic Director:  Craig Ryan