• Hello Mavs! Enrollment for 2018-2019 will be done entirely ONLINE this year. Counselors have been into classrooms to explain the process, and we’re hoping this will make it easier for everyone! If you have any questions, students may see Mr. Suchan or Mrs. Moore. We are happy to help!

    A few notes:


    • Online enrollment will be open from February 19th - February 27th in Skyward.
    • Students will only input elective courses in Skyward. Core classes will be entered by counselors. If you have questions about specific classes, please feel free to contact those teachers and/or your student's counselor. 
    • Counselors:
      • Steffanie Moore (A-K) 
      • Amy Beckmann (L-Z)


    Directions for online enrollment


    A. Sign-in to your student or parent Skyward account and select Schedule from the tabs on the left


    B. Select Request Courses for 2018-2019 in Maize South Middle School (in the upper-right hand corner)


    C. Select 1.5 credits (3 semester classes or 1 year-long and 1 semester class) of electives by clicking the course and clicking “Add course” button


    D. Select Request Alternates—fill-in 3 more elective choices in case your first choices are full or won’t fit into your schedule


    E. Once classes have been selected, you may close the requests window—your selections are automatically saved!


    F. That’s it! You are enrolled! Congratulations and thank you for your time!