• Anime Club

    Sponsor: Amanda Mcmillan

    Membership Requirements: Members who want to attend monthly binge nights must get a permission slip signed by a legal guardian and pay for a viewing pass. Passes: General/One-Time Pass - $3/binge night; Semester Pass - $6/semester; Seasonal Pass - $10/year.

    Purpose of the Club: Anime club aims to create a space for students who want to discover new Anime shows and characters while sharing their interest with students who are also passionate about this style of media. 

    Current Activities: Weekly meetings to discuss and watch Anime shows; monthly binge nights to watch roughly 8-10 shows/episodes; competitions such as art/drawing and costumes/cosplay; and potential for Anime conventions at the end of the year.

    Other Information: MSHS Anime Club resurfaced this year (2021-2022) and is still in the early development stages of making the club fun and fulfilling for the students. If students are interested in joining or have suggestions, they can contact the club sponsor for additional information.