• Your child’s regular and prompt attendance at school will be important to his/her success. The preschool years are a great time for you to help your child establish good attendance habits.

    Children do sometimes get sick. If your child is ill, has had a fever, vomiting or diarrhea within the last 12 hours or has colored nasal discharge, please do not bring your child to school that day. Often children may ask to come to school even though they are ill. Although your child may be disappointed, please keep the child home if sick.

    • If you are going to miss school for any reason, please call 722-3105 or email Tammy  
    • If your child rides the bus, please also call transportation at 722-0582.

    When reporting an absence, please give your student's name, their teacher's name and the reason for their absence.

    To ensure the absence is marked as excused, please report on the day of the absence by:

    • 10AM if your child is in the morning session
    • 2PM if your child is in the afternoon session


  • Tuition payments are scheduled for ACH Bank Draft payment on the first of each month. Please call 722-3105 or email Paula at least FOUR business days prior to the end of the month if you need to pay a different way than ACH Bank Draft that month.

    If you need the ACH Bank Draft skipped for the month, the payment must still be paid by the first of each month using one of the following methods:

    • Cash (in office)
    • Check payable to MECC (in office)
    • Credit Card (through your Skyward account)

    As a reminder, if you want to withdraw your student, a two-week notice in writing is required or any potential refund will be forfeited as stated on your signed Family Agreement.