• Get involved

    Each of our 14 schools have unique and fun ways to be involved as a parent or guardian. 

    Booster Clubs

    At the high school level, the Athletic Booster Club provides support and funding for athletic needs not included in the athletic department's budget. The club sells season passes to sporting events and apparel and runs the concession stands at sporting events.

    Band Booster Clubs

    At the high school level, the Band Booster Clubs provide support and funding for the marching and concert bands. During marching season, the Band Boosters provide some meals, chaperones to competitions, fitting of the uniforms, organize fundraisers, and any other needs that may arise. During concert band season, additional support is provided as needed. 

    Site Councils

    At the beginning of each school year, each building principal forms a Site Council to identify and discuss school site performance goals and objectives. Volunteers may be school staff, parents, or community members. The councils meet regularly throughout the school year. To inquire about serving your school's Site Council, please contact your building principal.

    School Volunteers

    The schools utilize volunteer help at the building and classroom level on a daily basis. Before a person volunteers at one of the elementary buildings, the school district asks for him/her to complete a background check. Each elementary school's subsite page has a link to the Volunteer Background Check Application. Contact your child's classroom teacher or building principal to learn more about the volunteer opportunities that are available.

    Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

    Early childhood, elementary, and middle schools have building-level PTOs. Parents have the opportunity to work directly with their child’s school and teachers. Each school’s PTO focuses closely on fundraising, coordinating room parents, and organizing staff appreciation. A parent representative, as well as a teacher representative, is needed at each building. If you are interested in being a representative for your school or simply getting involved, contact your child's school.