• Campus Visit Questions

  • Here are some things to think about as you're visiting schools. However, this is by no means a complete list.

    • Is there a campus health center? What services are offered?
    • Does the student health center refer students to the local hospital? How far away is it? How large is it?'
    • How safe is campus?
    • Is there any kind of campus shuttle service? When and where does it run?
    • How often are teaching assistants the ones teaching classes?
    • What sorts of opportunities do freshman have to get involved on-campus?
    • How flexible are meal plans? Are there dining services on campus where a meal plan doesn't work?
    • Do current students try to make you feel welcome? Were they helpful in answering your questions?
    • Does it look like there's much to do outside of class time, both on-campus and off?
    • Does the campus seem like a good size for you?
    • Do you feel comfortable and safe? 

    Take note of:

    • classroom sizes and on-campus living spaces.
    • how faculty and staff interact with students.
    • how current students interact with one another.

    Remember that you are looking for a school that's a match for you. No one else can make the decision, so try to envision yourself there -- studying, working, socializing -- and trust your intuition. Your perfect fit is out there.

  • If you have questions please contact Diane Close, College and Career Advocate at dclose@usd266.com or 316-350-2281.