• Through our Educational Outreach Center, Maize USD 266 is pleased to offer high school students an expanded online program for credit recovery and credit acquisition.


    A student interested in retaking a failed course and/or earning credits otherwise unattainable because of scheduling conflicts may benefit from this program.  Courses offered include English, algebra, chemistry, history and more. Please go online to http://educationaloutreach.weebly.com to see a complete list of courses and to register. All courses are monitored by USD 266 teachers. 


    This opportunity allows our students to work at their own pace in courses that they had previously struggled. (Students otherwise can opt to retake the failed course at their school buildings.) The online courses also allow students to fulfill requirements to free up coursework time in their school schedule to allow them to take electives of interest to them. It could help a student graduate early or may assist the student in earning college credit or accessing skills for career readiness.


    • Course Orientation: Students and parents will receive an email regarding orientation.  We have started offering orientation online so students can complete it at their convenience.  There is a Web link to an online classroom where students will watch an orientation video and answer questions regarding the Online School Program and Edgenuity.  There are also attachments with information for students and parents to review.  The course orientation is mandatory if you have not previously taken courses through this program before.  If you receive the orientation email, it must be completed before your course will be activated.


    • Course Payments:  Courses are $30 per month, and must be paid by the 1st.   Payments can be made by cash or check at the Maize Educational Outreach Center at 201 S. Park, or will be available for payment in Skyward.

    Below you’ll find answers to additional questions you may have about the Educational Outreach Center online courses.


    Q: How do I enroll in an online course? 

    A: Go to http://educationaloutreach.weebly.com .  Click on the Online Course Registration at the top right of the page.  You can click view the courses available to take.  Click on the Register button and fill out the registration form.  Make sure that if you are taking a course for 1.0 credit, that you select both 9 week sessions.  If you are just taking .5 credit for recovery, please make sure you indicate if you are retaking for the 1st nine weeks or the 2nd nine weeks.


    Q: What do I need in order to take courses online through Educational Outreach? 

    A: You will need a computer and internet access.


    Q: How much time is required to take an online course?

    A: Plan to spend at least as much time as you would if you were attending in the regular classroom, or approximately seven hours a week.


    Q: How long do I have to complete a credit recovery course?

    A: As long as it takes to complete it. A monthly fee of $30 will be due by the 1st of the month. The course will be shut off and reset if payment is not received by the 1st.


    Q: I have started working in my online course through Educational Outreach, but it’s not for me. What do I do? 

    A: Please contact your teacher, or contact the Educational Outreach Office and let them know so they can disable your course and take you off the billing list.