• About the District Board of Education 

  • The Board of Education is composed of seven members elected from three districts and one member at large.

    The primary function of the Maize School Board is legislative and judicial rather than executive. The superintendent is responsible for the efficient administration and supervision of the schools. Individual members of the board
    shall exercise no authority.

    The work of the Board falls into three main areas:

    1. Employment of a qualified superintendent.
    2. Development of policy.
    3. To see that policies are carried out by administration to the benefit of the school system.

    As a public official, a school board member must do what is required by law. Because of the special trust charged to them by the community, they also must observe the ethics of that public office. 

    The Board of Education, desiring to operate in the most ethical and conscientious manner possible, adheres to a code of ethics.