• Maize Early Childhood Center PTO

    The Maize ECC PTO is focused on supporting and enhancing the educational experiences at Maize ECC. The education, safety, and well-being of all our students and staff members is our primary concern. We strive to help Maize ECC provide the best learning atmosphere and educational experience by coordinating volunteers to support the Maize ECC staff and providing much needed resources.

    The Maize ECC PTO encourages social and academic activities throughout the year. Parents, school, teachers, and administration can work cooperatively to enhance the educational opportunities at the school by volunteering through the PTO to assist in opportunities to promote the health, safety, and education of our students.

    We are able to provide resources by hosting our big annual fundraiser in the fall. PTO also sells Spirit Wear Shirts and has various Spirit Nights throughout the year. 

    The PTO has volunteer opportunities throughout the year, including providing in-class assistance, helping with the library and nurse's office tasks, assisting with class parties and events, providing food for conferences in the fall/spring, quarterly teacher treats, monthly mailbox treats, spirit nights and, of course, with our big fall fundraiser. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form at this link or email the PTO (maize.earlychildhood.pto@gmail.com) to get on the mailing list. 

  • PTO Meetings

    • August 24 at 6pm
    • November 9 at 6pm
    • January 18 at 6pm
    • April 4 at 6PM


    Spirit Nights

    • August 22 - Chick N Max 4-8pm
    • September 18 - Pizza Ranch 4-8pm (will need volunteers)
    • October 3 - Chipotle 4-8pm
    • November 27 - Chick fil A 3-10pm
    • December 5 - Barn'rds 10:30am-9pm
    • January 29 - Chick fil A 3-10pm
    • February 20 - Chick N Max 4-8pm 
    • March 5 - Jason's Deli 10am-8pm 
    • April 23 - Chick fil A 3-10pm 
    • May 14 - Andy's 11am-11pm



    Pie Delivery

    • October 5 - details TBD
  • PTO Officers


    Ashley Harris - President 

    Sarah Meyer - Vice President

    Jennifer Gragson - Secretary

    Krystal Dark - Treasurer/Staff Appreciation Coordinator

    Bree King - Spirit Night Coordinator