• Campus Visit

    Here are some things to think about as you're on campus visits to determine your future college university.

    Campus Visit Questions:


    • How large are the classes?
    • How many of the classes are taught by a professor versus a teaching assistant?
    • Are the professors accessible outside of class?
    • Are students usually able to take their first choice courses?
    • How’s the Wi-Fi? 
    • Do the professors hold office hours?
    • How many hours of class do students typically have each week? How much homework outside of class?
    • Where are the best places to study on campus?  

    Academic and Social-Emotional Support

    • Can you get help from professors outside of the classroom?
    • Is there free academic support or tutoring? Is it effective?
    • Is there a writing center to help with essays and research papers?
    • Are there computer labs?
    • How accessible and helpful is health services?
    • Are there social orientation programs for freshmen? Are they enjoyable?
    • Is there career counseling? Is it helpful?

    Research, Internship, and Study Abroad Opportunities

    • What kind of internships are available? Do a lot of students get internships?
    • Are study abroad programs popular? Any ones in particular?
    • Are there internship opportunities abroad?
    • Are there opportunities through the school for summer internships or research?


    • What are some of the most popular extracurricular activities and why?
    • What clubs or other opportunities exist for community service?
    • Do sports play a large role on campus? What about intramural or exercise classes?
    • In what ways do students connect with and volunteer in the surrounding community?

    Residence Life

    • What are the dorms like? Are there lounges, laundry, and kitchens? Shared or private restrooms?
    • Do most students live in the dorms? What about after sophomore or junior year?
    • How are the resident counselors? Do they plan social events for freshmen?
    • Do most students get along with their randomly assigned roommates?
    • What would I do in case of a conflict or need for a room switch? Is that possible?
    • What kind of food does the dining hall serve? Are there different options?
    • Does the dining hall accommodate special dietary restrictions? 

    Remember that you are looking for a school that's a match for you. No one else can make the decision, so try to envision yourself there -- studying, working, socializing -- and trust your intuition. Your perfect fit is out there.


  • If you have questions please contact Lyn Brown, College and Career Advocate at lbrown@usd266.com or 316-462-8007.