Board Members

  • Maize Board of Education members Richard Stiverson, left, and Scott Crawford listen to a Pray-Woodman presentation. A local board of education member has one of the most important responsibilities of any elected official: providing for the education of all Kansas children.

    The local school board is a uniquely American institution. The board ensures public schools are responsive to the needs and concerns of local communities. The school board assures a measure of local control in education decision-making.

    A Kansas school board member, even though sitting on a local board of education, serves a state function. The Kansas Constitution makes education a state responsibility while at the same time providing for the operation of public schools by local school boards elected by citizens of the school district.  More than 2,000 dedicated men and women guide a public school system that employs more than 50,000 people and serves nearly half a million children. Board members receive no pay for their service, only the satisfaction that comes from providing an indispensable public service.