Support Staff awards

      • Celebrating Excellence in Education Support

        The award celebrates Maize USD 266 support staff members for the amazing work they do for the district and its mission of connecting, learning, and leading. This award is intended for any non-teacher employee who works with Maize USD 266 students. 

        2022 winners of the Celebrating Excellence in Education Support Staff Awards:

        • Lahna Andrus, Paraeducator, Complete High School Maize
        • Lauren Angle, COVID Nurse, Maize USD 266
        • Robin Armfield, Paraeducator, Hope Learning center
        • Angie Bayliff, Educational Outreach Assistant, Maize Virtual Preparatory School
        • Kacy Buffo, Para-educator, Maize Elementary School
        • Amanda Corning, Student Support Specialist, Maize Intermediate School
        • Tim Fox, Custodian, Maize South High School
        • Jill Greenlee, Secretary, Maize Career Academy
        • Marc Hammerton, Database Administrator, Maize Educational Support Center
        • Carolyn Messing, Paraeducator, Maize South Middle School
        • Lien Nguyen, Para-educator, Maize Middle School
        • Carol Ramos, Instructional Para, Maize Central Elementary School
        • Brad Robertson, Instructional Para, Maize South Elementary School
        • Michelle Stamper, Paraeducator, Vermillion Elemetnary School
        • Tammy Stewart, Data Manager, Maize Early Childhood Center
        • Kim Stuckey, Van Driver, Transportation

        2019-20 winners of the Celebrating Excellence in Education Support Staff Awards:

        • Carl Caldwell, Head Custodian, Maize South Elementary School
        • Kelli Parson, Secretary, Maize Early Childhood Center
        • Kevin Vu, System Administrator, Maize High School
        • Jeanne Martin, Para-educator, Maize South Middle School
        • Debbie Stevens, Secretary, Maize South Elementary
        • Linda McCullough, Custodian, Maize High School
        • Cindy Denning, Kitchen Manager, Maize Central Elementary
        • Nancy Bailey, Para-educator, Maize South High
        • Margaret Allan, Technology Support Specialist
        • Debbie Evans, Maize High School Paraeducator
        • Ralph Naputi, Maize Elementary School Custodian
        • Teresa Gaza, Maize South Middle School Paraeducator

        2018-19 winners of the Celebrating Excellence in Education Support Staff Awards:

        • Erin Ingalls, School Nurse, Maize Elementary School
        • Regina Jones, Head Custodian, Complete High School, Maize Career Academy, and the Educational Support Center
        • Jesse Meek, Technology Hardware Specialist, Maize South Middle School
        • Roxanne Thulin, Attendance Secretary, Maize High School
        • Tina Kiley, Para-educator, Maize High School
        • Marlon Rios, System Administrator, Maize South High School
        • Cheryl Rogers, Custodian, Vermillion Elementary School
        • Karen Znamenak, Bus Driver, USD 266
        • Eddie Henderson, Head Custodian, Maize South High School
        • Monie Prilliman, Head Custodian, Maize South Middle School
        • Jody Ralph, Instructional Para-educator, Pray-Woodman Elementary School
        • Patti Roberts, Bookkeeper, Maize Middle School
        • Jake Edwards, Kitchen Manager, Maize Elementary School
        • Kristi Olinger, Registrar, Maize High School
        • Jimmy Price, Custodian, Maize Early Childhood Center
        • Lacie Spain, Para-educator, Maize Middle School


      Celebrating Excellence in Education awards

      • Celebrating Excellence in Education

        This annual award program honors teachers in 5 categories and is nominated by their peers. Two of the award-winning teachers are selected to represent the district for the prestigious Kansas Teacher of the Year Award. Congratulations to all our awardees!

        2022-21 winners of the Celebrating Excellence in Education Awards:

        • Sue White, Maize Early Childhood Center
        • Teresa Buchanan, Maize Central Elementary School,
        • Katie Todd, Maize Elementary School
        • Kelly Bailey, Maize South Elementary School
        • Ruth Graber, Pray-Woodman Elementary School
        • Staci Fischer, Vermillion Elementary School
        • Danielle Harrison, Maize Intermediate School
        • Leslie McEntire, Maize South Intermediate School
        • Janell Welch, Maize Middle School
        • Kendall Heide, Maize South Middle School
        • Thea Lippoldt, Maize High School
        • Teri Larson, Maize South High School
        • Jenny Stephenson, Hope Learning Center
        • Tracey Parsons, Mazie Virtual Prepartory School

        2020-21 winners of the Celebrating Excellence in Education Awards:

        • Trish Begley, Maize Middle School
        • Amanda Chamberlain, Maize Central Elementary School
        • Daniel Gegen, Maize South High School
        • Zach Helgesen, Maize Career Academy
        • Erica Mark, Maize South Middle School
        • Marilee Mayo, Maize Elementary School
        • Michael McDaniel, Maize Virtual Preparatory School
        • Doreen Merkel, Vermillion elementary School
        • Emily Millspaugh, Maize Early Childhood Center
        • Kristen Scribner, Pray-Woodman Elementary School
        • Jessica Shurts, Maize High School
        • Savannah Woody, Maize South Elementary School

        2019-20 winners of the Celebrating Excellence in Education Awards:

        • Ashley Proehl, Maize Central Elementary School
        • Ashley Kelley, Maize Early Childhood Center
        • Cheryl Rodriguez, Maize Elementary School
        • Fran Houseman, Maize High School
        • Katie Wiechman, Maize Middle School
        • Kendra Diaz, Maize South Elementary School
        • Stephanie Espinoza, Maize South High School
        • Betsy Lang, Maize South Middle School
        • Darcie Lowry, Maize Virtual Preparatory School
        • Michele Brownlee, Pray-Woodman Elementary School
        • Allyson Bollenbach, Vermillion Elementary School

        2018-19 winners of the Celebrating Excellence in Education Awards:

        • Mandy Glasse, ELL, Early Childhood Center
        • Laura Potter, first-grade, Maize Central Elementary
        • Kelli Holguin, second-grade, Maize Elementary School
        • Kristin Dooley, fourth-grade, Maize South Elementary
        • Lyn Carnes, Maize Virtual Preparatory School
        • Ashlyn Johnson, second-grade, Pray-Woodman Elementary
        • Kelly Burkholder, sixth-grade, Vermillion Elementary School
        • Adam McCarthy, science, Maize Middle School
        • Steffanie Moore, counselor, Maize South Middle School
        • Amy Hammett, Science, Maize High School
        • Denise Hogan, FAA, Maize South High School
      • Kansas Teacher of the Year Nominees

        The Kansas Teacher of the Year Award recognizes and utilizes representatives of excellent teaching in the elementary and secondary classrooms of the state. Its mission is to build and utilize a network of exemplary teachers who are leaders in the improvement of schools, student performance, and the teaching profession.


        Congratulations to the nominees for the 2020 Kansas Teacher of the Year!

        Photo of Kristin Dooley, 2019 KTYO Nominee  

        Kristen Dooley, 2020 KTOY Nominee


        Photo of Amy Hammett,  2019 KTOY Nominee

        Amy Hammett, 2020 KTOY Nominee