• What to expect: 

    Join us for breakfast and lunch at school. Maize USD 266  Food Service knows that students are more likely to eat a healthy, well-rounded meal when they get to select what goes on their tray. Students at all grade levels are provided opportunities to self-serve food that meets the National School Lunch Program and USDA Smart Snack's Requirements. 

    Breakfast time: 

    Mornings are a busy time for families. Save time at home by having breakfast at school. Grab & Go Breakfast is offered in each school's cafeteria. Students can pick between three or more filling whole-grain entrees, juice, fruit, and milk each day.

    • Elementary students will take their breakfast directly to the classroom to begin learning.
    • Secondary students have the option to enjoy their breakfast in the cafeteria or take it to class.
    • Breakfast is offered 15 minutes before the bell at each school. Check with your student’s school for more details. 

    Lunch time:

    • Elementary schools are offered three entrees each day, including one Grab & Go meal.
    • Intermediate Schools have a variety of entree options, including two hot entrees and one cold entree.
    • Middle schools can self-serve from three entree choices daily, including both hot and cold entrees.
    • High schools are offered five entree choices, including three rotating choices and daily choice of a PBJ box and a Yogurt & Granola box.