Educational Records

  • Both state and federal laws concerning the education of children with exceptionalities include guidelines for maintaining educational records in a confidential manner, for allowing legal education decision-makers to review records, to obtain records, to change records, and to destroy educational records that are no longer needed to provide educational services. 34 CFR 300.573, K.A.R. 91-40-50(c),(d)

    Records Request
    To receive a copy or request the transfer of your or your child’s special education records, please contact the special education department at or at (316) 350-2083.

    Test Protocols
    Some individualized testing involves the use of test protocols. These documents usually include the test questions or stimuli and the student’s answers or responses. Protocols also may include the correct answers, norm tables (scoring tables), scoring sheets, and examiner’s notes. Legal education decision-makers have a right to review these protocols with the person who administered the assessment. To ensure test security as well as to follow copyright laws, no parts of these protocols may be reproduced in any way. When this information is no longer needed to provide special education and related services to a student, the protocols will be destroyed. Protocols will be maintained until a comprehensive reevaluation has been completed and a new IEP developed based on the reevaluation.

    Also, protocols used to record answers for tests during an earlier evaluation will be destroyed after a comprehensive reevaluation is completed and a new IEP developed based on that new reevaluation.

    Records Maintained After Graduation

    The special education records of each student are maintained by the Maize Special Education Cooperative at 905 W. Academy Ave. Maize, Kansas, 67101. These records are kept for a period of five years after completion of the student’s program or the student’s graduation from high school. These records may include such information as permission for the student to have received special education services, evaluation reports, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), etc. These records may be needed by the student or legal education decision-maker(s) at some future date for social security benefits or other purposes.

    If the eligible 18-year-old student (or a student under 18 who is married or declared emancipated by the courts) or the student’s guardian if the student is under 18 or if the student has reached 18 years of age and has been legally adjudicated to be an incapacitated person would like any of these records prior to that time, please contact our office at or at (316) 350-2083. At the end of the five years after program completion or graduation, these records will be destroyed. The Maize Special Education Cooperative will maintain a permanent record of the student’s name, address, telephone number, grades, attendance record, classes attended, grade level completed, and year completed.

    Public Notice Regarding Destruction of Records

    This notification is to inform the public that the Maize Special Education Cooperative intends to destroy special education records that are no longer needed and are not considered permanent records that are required to be maintained. Special education records will be destroyed after five years following program completion or graduation from high school if the records have not been picked up by the student or the student’s legal education decision-maker prior to that time.

    Please contact the Maize Special Education Cooperative by May 30 of the fifth year following exit with your request at or at (316) 350-2083.