• COVID Dashboard Data Details

    How the Dashboard is Built

    The following information is shared to provide the OneMa1ze community with information about how Maize USD 266 builds and maintains its COVID Dashboard, posted weekly at www.usd266.com/TogetherAgain

    • As it did last year, Maize USD 266 maintains a single database of COVID cases that is fed by surveys completed by school staff members (nurses and principals). Staff members enter the data as they know it, as quickly as they can. It is not unusual for there to be either a delay in entering data due to their schedules or the need for time to track down necessary information and contacts. Staff members often enter data in the evenings or during the weekend because of the work they are juggling when students are present in the buildings.
    • It is common for the information submitted by staff members to change after they submit the data. This takes place because of factors related to confirming vaccination, a close contact turning into a positive case, confirming that a mask was worn or not worn during a close contact, or the communication timeline with parents or the health department about positive cases. There are several other potential reasons.
    • Only a few staff members have access to the main database to protect the privacy of students and staff members; therefore, most of the staff members who can submit a report may not access the database. Any change would need to be done by the superintendent of schools, the board clerk, or one of the two COVID response nurses.
    • District staff members work to best discern which date should be associated with each case. For example, one of many scenarios includes a student who experienced symptoms on a Thursday, did not attend school on the following Friday and Monday and then reports a positive test on Tuesday. The date associated with both the positive case and each close contact could be interpreted differently, even when referring to policy, and requires careful consideration.
    • There is a possibility that the weekly total that is published on Friday and updated on Monday for any school will be different the following week when the next dashboard is published. Changes in the number of positive cases and high-risk close contacts (HRCC) published from one week to the next could occur at most schools nearly every week due to the nature of virus detection. The most common occurrence will be due to a student(s) who either is a high-risk close contact or absent due to illness. This student(s) then later is tested, and perhaps even later determined to be positive for COVID. That change in status then changes the data. Then, staff members must seek out that student(s)’s close contacts and log them into the database, resulting in a larger number of cases and high-risk close contacts in the previous week. This may only affect a few students in a school or could change the data significantly, depending on vaccination rates, masking, student proximity, or timeline of student attendance.
    • Beginning in mid-September, building attendance data based on current enrollment will be included in the dashboard and used to determine masking criteria.
    • All of these issues contribute to constant changes to the published data and, as diligent as staff members are, this process will never be completely free from some margin of error (or constant scrutiny). It is anticipated that changes will occur less frequently in the future as the district builds more consistency among all of the individuals who contribute to this process.
    • The district asks that parents and staff members report test results to the district at the earliest opportunity for the safety of all students and staff members. This timeliness also supports the most accurate data.

    Sept. 20, 2021 note: 

    During the 2021-22 school year thus far, the district has posted its weekly Maize USD 266 COVID Dashboard on Mondays to allow time for staff members to verify data from the previous week. Nurses and staff members work on the dashboard data related to student and employee positive COVID cases and high-risk close contacts seven days a week, and having Friday evening and the weekend to finalize data has ensured that the information is complete and accurate. One intention of this timeline was to prevent publishing pending information that ultimately would need to be edited for accuracy. 

    From this week forward, Maize USD 266 will aim to post preliminary data each Friday. The dashboard may need to be updated the following week as information is verified for accuracy. If the data indicates that a school’s COVID impact exceeds 6 percent, those schools affected will be notified about the need to mask for the following two weeks following the district’s Masking Criteria.

    Please also note the district has published a new Close-Contact Protocol Flow Chart, an expanded resource that helps staff members and families identify when a student or employee will attend school/work, seek COVID testing, quarantine, etc. based on each scenario and details related to symptoms, vaccination status, and face masks.

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