• GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance)


    Sponsor: Kelsey Hopson / Sasha Chapek / Anne Debes / Rhiley Wall 


    Number of members: about 23 active members


    Membership Requirements (if any): MHS student, member of LGBTQ+ or a supporter of LGBTQ+


    Purpose of Organization/Cub: To be a safe and welcoming place for all who want to enjoy and proclaim this club open to all constructive opinions and peoples. We dedicate ourselves to educate and inform others on topics regarding the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and etc. (LGBT+) community as well as any other pressing and related issues that may come up. Acceptance for the students and staff is our prime prerogative.


    Member fees (if any): $2 (additional $8 for a club shirt)


    Current Activities: Halloween, Christmas, and end of the year parties; fundraising for GSA conference in the summer


    Meeting days/ location:  3rd Tuesday of every month, in Encor, room D102