• The Board of Education prohibits bullying in any form on school property, in a school vehicle, or at a school-sponsored activity or event.

    "Bullying" means:

    Any intentional gesture or any intentional written, verbal, or physical act or threat that is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student or staff member that a reasonable person, under the circumstances, knows or should know will have the effect of:

    1. Harming a student or staff member, whether physically or mentally;
    2. Damaging a student's or staff member's property;
    3. Placing a student or staff member in reasonable fear of harm to the student or staff member; or
    4. Placing a student or staff member in reasonable fear of damage to the student's or staff member's property; or
    5. Cyberbullying which means bullying by use of any electronic communication device through means including, but not limited to, e-mail, instant messaging, text messages, blogs, mobile phones, pagers, online games and Web sites.

    The Kansas State Department of Education, in partnership with Kansas Children's Service League has provided a 24-hour hotline as an additional resource. The hotline can be reached at: 1-800-332-6378 or 1-800-CHILDREN. You can also contact the hotline via text or e-mail at www.1800children@kcsl.org.

    School Districts are required by Federal Law and K.S.A. 72-6214 to protect the privacy rights of students under the age of 18.

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