• Maize FFA


    Sponsor: Stacy Woodard / Chessica Garten 

    Number of members: approx. 55

    Membership Requirements (if any): Enrollment in at least one Ag education course during your high school career.

    Purpose of Organization/Club: To promote an interest in the world of Ag, the desire for a successful career, and the ability to make informed choices concerning global food, fiber, and natural resources.

    Member fees (if any): Member fees are $15 ($7 to National FFA, $5 to State FFA, and $3 to Maize FFA) Club T-shirts are $10

    Current Activities: Growing future leaders, building our community, and strengthening agriculture

    Meeting days/ location: Once a month (usually the fourth Friday of each month) and at other times when notified. We meet either in the lecture hall or in Mr. Super’s room (G-32).

    Other Information: We are a very diverse group of people who have a wide variety of interests and skills.  The one thing that unites us all is the world of agriculture (food, fuel, fibers, and natural resources). Our focus is on preparing for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.