• Sponsor: Mrs. Cara Poole

    Number of members: 46 (Committed)

    Membership Requirements (if any):

    1st Years: None.

    2nd Years: Basic knowledge and vocab in ASL.

    3rd Years: Higher ASL knowledge and experience.

    The last day to sign up and join ASL Club is the last day of September.

    Purpose of Organization/Cub: The purpose of this club is to spread the the language of hands and offer a chance to learn ASL. It is also for those who know ASL to be able to communicate with others with this unique language.

    Current Activities:

    There are 3 groups members will be able to participate in. First Year group are those new to ASL and will be mostly learning.

    Second Year group are those who are experienced in ASL and can have a simple conversation without using their voice. We will have more activities during the meetings using ASL. Second year members shall continue learning.

    Those in the Third Year group may continue to learn ASL and will be the highest of the groups. These members have a decent knowledge of ASL and can be role models to those with less experience.

    Most activity in ASLC happens during their meetings. During the year, ideas for activities and events are made. Currently, some include bake sale fundraisers and ASLC Bond Nights.

    Meeting days/ location: Current: 2nd & 4th Mondays During EnCor In Lecture Hall (The location and dates may change with each year. Members will be be updated on the information.)

    Other Information: Academics come first, however ASLC meetings are important as well. Failure to attend and/or excuse on self for a meeting shows that a member does not have time for ASLC or does not care about being in the club. In result, a member may be withdrawn from ASL Club after a certain amount of absences.