• Parent pick up and drop off procedure


    Cars will enter using 37th entrance and form a single lane along the main driveway. Staff will be on duty from 8:10-8:17 am and 12:20-12:27 pm. There will be multiple unloading stations along the car loop. For safety and efficiency, families are asked to pull forward to the farthest available station and wait for a staff member to assist their children out of the car. When the children have exited from the first set of cars, that group will pull out together and the next set of cars will pull up. This process will continue until all cars have been unloaded or until the end of arrival time. If you arrive outside of the listed times, simply park in the parent parking lot and walk your child into the building.


    Cars will enter using the 37th street entrance and form a single line along the main driveway. A staff member will escort your child to the loading station and will buckle your child in the car seat. For safety, families will confirm that their child is secure before leaving. A set of cars will be loaded at one time, and should pull away from the curb as a group. All children must be riding in an age-appropriate child safety seat. Car seats need to be on the right side if child needs assistance buckling.

    In order to use the pickup line at dismissal, cars must have the teacher-provided QR code in the front windshield passenger side.. Our safety procedures do not allow us to dismiss a child into a car without this code. If you do not have a code, please park in the parent parking lot and come into the building to pick up child.

  • More Tips for a Safe and Efficient Process

    • Our highest priorities are the safety of your children and integrity of our school day.
    • Please ensure that you have a child safety seat appropriate for your child’s age and size. We cannot load a child into the car without an appropriate safety seat.
    • In the car loop, parents must remain single file and NOT pass any other cars to proceed to an open loading station (unless directed by a staff member)
    • Do not park vehicle in the drop off lane.
    • Parents in the drop off lane should not exit vehicle.
    • Please use the parent parking lot (east lot) and walk in if your child is struggling with the transition to or from school. If this is an ongoing concern, your child’s teacher is happy to help you develop a plan to ease the transition time.
    • In the car loop, our staff members are focused on their safety duties. If you wish to visit with your child’s teacher, please park and come into the building or schedule a mutually agreeable time.
    • In the first weeks of school, please be patient with our staff and other parents as we all learn the new procedures and traffic patterns.


Maize Early Childhood Center Traffic Flow Map