• Maize High Music Appreciation Club


    Sponsor: Kevin Frye


    Number of members: 60


    The MHS Music Club is designed for the pure love of music


    • It’s available to all students regardless of musical experience and talent.

    •  It is not a requirement to be enrolled in a music course in the school such as band, choir, orchestra, etc.

    • All genres of music are welcome to be discussed, and students are expected to show respect towards all other students’ opinions.  It may not be your favorite type of music, but music club is a place to grow musically and appreciate all musical interests.

    • Behavior and conduct during meetings is expected to be within school policy as outlined in the student agenda.

    •  Music choices need to be free of profanity, but radio edits can work.


     Meeting days/ location: Last Monday of each month in the Orchestra room C-12