Lead Forward strategic plan

  • The Maize USD 266 Lead Forward strategic plan was developed after a year-long District Needs Assessment, which included a Superintendent Employee Listening Tour, discussion with stakeholder advisory groups, and an analysis of district achievement data.

    After needs were identified, each line of the plan was written with intentionality. Teachers and students provided adjectives and verbs that exemplify Maize. Then their words informed the language in main focus areas that rLead Forward title and logoepresent the needs mentioned most by stakeholders:

    • Nurture a Cohesive Culture
    • Attract Expert Educators
    • Elevate Student Learning
    • Build for the Future

    The Maize Board of Education approved the plan in August 2023, and the plan will guide Maize USD 266 through 2028. Please explore the document in full below.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Maize USD 266 guiding principles



    The mission of Maize USD 266 is to inspire students to discover their potential through connecting, learning, and leading.


    The Maize School District is a student-centered environment where all members of the school-community are empowered to particiate and thrive academically, civically, and socially through relevant educational experiences to achieve and fulfill their life's purpose.

    Core Values

    • Integrity
    • Innovation
    • Community
    • Responsibility
    • Empathy
    • Resilience

  • About the Lead Forward branding

    The branding of the Lead Forward strategic plan was designed to merge the timeless tradition of excellence in Maize with the needs of our fast-growing district. Leaders combined the traditional rising star, which has long been a symbol associated with Maize USD 266, with colors that reflect Maize USD 266 schools: red Eagles, gold Mavericks, blue Pride and Panthers, purple Wolves and Mustangs, green Chameleons, and teal Explorers. The district is multifaceted, as are the opportunities leaders want to provide. And, leaders chose the title Lead Forward to reflect the district's Mission: Connect. Learn. Lead. 

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