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Marilee Mayo named MES's Celebrating Excellence in Education Awardee for 2020-21

Marilee Mayo, Maize Elementary School Library Media Specialist, has been with Maize for four years. During the 2020-21 school year, she was named one of 12 Celebrating Excellence in Education Award winners.

As a Library Media Specialist, the best part of Marilee’s day is when each class first arrives in the library. She said, “I love listening to their excitement about the books they just finished and hearing about their experiences during the last week.” The most important advice she was given was to make connections with her students. She said, “I do my best to make our time together special and meaningful. I strive

to make class time count toward not only their academic achievement but their social and emotional growth.” 

We are proud to have Marilee as part of the OneMa1ze team!