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School board members to update member district map in accordance with Kansas statute

CensusThe Maize Board of Education is in the process of updating boundaries for its three board member districts, which are used for board member elections and are not tied to school attendance boundaries for students.


Kansas law requires the resident population of board member districts to each be within 5 percent of the mean population of the entire district, a balance that must be reexamined with every census. The current Maize Board of Education district map has District 3, the district in the northwest portion, at nearly 8 percent over, according to the 2020 Decennial Census.


With the help of demographic firm RSP and Associates, board members are considering two options. The first option redistributes about 1,100 people from District 3 to District 2 and provides a variance of up to 4.7 percent between the three districts. The second option redistributes about 2,300 people between all three districts to reach a variance of no more than 2.7 percent between all districts.


Board members are expected to select and approve a final map during the Feb. 13 meeting. Please click here to view the options and learn more.