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District deploying one:1 Chromebooks in middle schools next year

 Maize USD 266 student learning with a Chromebook In line with the district's five-year technology plan, the Maize Board of Education on April 8 approved the purchase of 2,100 Chromebooks for $420,000 for Maize Middle and Maize South Middle schools for one:1 deployment. As occurred this year with high school students, this will allow the district to pair middle school students with lightweight and affordable laptop-type devices designed primarily with web access and digital sharing in mind.

This is the latest step in the district's ongoing commitment to connect students to the vast world around them with the help of technology and resources. Secondary students then have the opportunity to use district Chromebooks in the classroom and at home to delve deeper into hands-on multimedia learning. The device will accompany the student rather than the student seeking out the device. Our students will have the ability to more easily access creative learning in a variety of formats. The district has worked for years to reach this point, building infrastructure and professional development for teachers to support this move.