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Emily Millspaugh named MECC's Celebrating Excellence in Education Awardee for 2020-21


Emily Millspaugh has taught pre-k at the Maize Early Childhood Center (ECC) for the past three years. She previously taught for five years in South Korea at both private and international schools. During the 2020-21 school year, she was named one of 12 Celebrating Excellence in Education Award winners.

To her students at the ECC, Emily is known for her purple hair. Her students have taught her that the best way to make connections is by being silly. The best part of her school day is greeting her students. She said, “I love sharing my excitement for the day and seeing them being so jazzed to come to school.”

She decided to pursue education after taking a class her senior year at Maize.

She wants her students to always know they are loved, school is a safe place, and exploration and taking risks are a necessary part of learning. She said, “I hope they also remember the silly songs we sing!” 

We are proud to have Emily as part of the OneMa1ze team!