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Here at Maize, we love our nurses

Here at Maize USD 266, we appreciate our school and district nurses. If this school year taught us one thing, it’s that we need them now more than ever. From helping on the COVID frontlines with employee vaccinations and COVID testing to making sure our students and staff members are well cared for, our nurses go above and beyond daily. Read below how our great nurses make a positive impact on students each day. 

Joann Wheeler

Joann Wheeler, Maize USD 266 nurse

For 27 years, Joann Wheeler has dedicated her time to school nursing, a career path she fondly loves and admires. The interactions with students and staff members make it rewarding. As a school nurse, Joann helps children with unmet health needs. She works to address the physical, mental, emotional, and social needs of the students. She shares her motto with students:  “When you feel great, you can do great things.” Through the years, Joann has served as a member of the Kansas School Nurse Organization and on the Board of Directors for the National School Nurse Organization. This school year, Joann is stationed at Maize USD 266’s Educational Outreach Center, leading the district’s COVID response team. 

“I feel I can make a difference in someone’s life when they are experiencing a difficult situation,” Joann said. “Sometimes it’s just holding a hand, letting them cry, or reassuring them everything will be ok.”

Thank you for all you do, Joann Wheeler!



Hannah Weston

Hannah Weston, Maize USD 266 nurse

Meet nurse Hannah. During the 2020-21 school year, she’s played a crucial role working on the COVID frontlines for Maize USD 266. During the past year, she helped provide COVID testing to students and staff members at Maize and, most recently, helped immunize employees. 

“It’s been interesting working on the COVID response team and ensuring that our students and staff stay safe,” said Hannah. “It’s also been a great experience to help the community of Maize.”

For Hannah, she always knew she wanted to help and care for people. Entering into nursing has allowed her to learn new aspects of science, health, and the human body. To her, being a nurse is a way to help patients during their most vulnerable times. Through her years as a school nurse, she’s been a health resource to students,  parents, and staff members. Hannah has worked in hospitals, nursing homes, public health, and now the school setting. 

Thank you for all you do for OneMa1ze, Hannah Weston



Shelley Funk

Shelley Funk, Maize USD 266 nurse at Maize Middle School

Nurse Shelley at Maize Middle School took a different route to the nursing field. Growing up, Shelley dreamed of becoming a teacher, but when matched with a teacher who didn’t find joy in her job, she looked elsewhere. During this time, her mother-in-law worked in nursing and helped Shelley believe she could be a nurse. The belief she put in Shelley inspired her to pursue nursing. Now, Shelley lives the best of both worlds as a school nurse who teaches students about healthy habits.

“I love middle schoolers. It’s special getting to talk with them, help them navigate through tough situations, care for them, and show them kindness,” Shelly said. “You don’t become a nurse unless you love people and have the passion to care for others.” 

She enjoys having the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, whether it’s in her medical care, loving on people, lightening their load, or finding a way to make their life more pleasant. Thank you for all you do, Shelley Funk!



Erin Ingalls

Erin Ingalls, Maize USD 266 nurse at Maize Elementary School

As a child, Nurse Erin remembers witnessing her mom care for others as a nurse, which inspired her to follow in the same footsteps. Working as a school nurse is her way of providing care for students, staff members, and families throughout their most trying and difficult times by gaining their trust. 

“I truly love caring for others and providing them help in their times of need,” Erin said. 

Every day, she strives to show compassion, respect, and kindness while demonstrating passion, knowledge, and skill. While helping others is her goal, she always loves the smiles, hugs, and words of affirmation from her students and colleagues at Maize Elementary School. Thank you for all you do, Erin Ingalls!





Jaime Smith

Jaime Smith, nurse at Vermillion Elementary School

Nurse Jaime at Vermillion Elementary School always knew she wanted to take care of those in times of sickness or injury. Her caring and empathetic nature, along with wanting a career that was challenging and makes a difference in people’s lives, led her to nursing. Whether she’s at school or in a hospital, her No. 1 rule is to treat patients with respect, kindness, and compassion. Her favorite part of the job is working alongside the other nurses at Maize. She loves the staff members and students at Vermillion, who help make going to work even more fun. 

“Being a nurse means aiding patients when they are in their most vulnerable state and encouraging them through their healing process,” Jamie said. 

Thank you for all you do, Jaime Smith!




Allison Parkhurst

Allison Parkhurst, Nurse at Maize Early Childhood Center

Nurse Allison at the Maize Early Childhood Center is newer to OneMa1ze. She joined the team in the fall of 2020 after working at a local hospital. She enjoys seeing the same students each day and getting to know them. Her No. 1 daily goal is to ensure each student’s health is a priority so they can learn to their fullest potential. She hopes to educate every student about healthy habits at their young age.

“I enjoy being a school nurse because of the great team at ECC,” Allison said. “I feel supported in my position and have been continuously learning this year.”

Thank you for all you do, Allison Parkhurst!





Laura Teter

Laura Teter, Nurse Para at Maize South High School

Laura Teter enjoys her job as a nurse para, aiding head nurse Katy Carter at Maize South High School throughout the day. After spending years serving adults with an intellectual developmental disorder, Laura sought a change. Being a nurse para has allowed her to use the knowledge she has gained through the years. She enjoys making a difference in students’ lives and leaving a positive impact. Laura also is certified as a Basic Life Support (BLS) instructor to teach CPR through the American Red Cross. 

“I love helping people and being able to work alongside Nurse Katy. Everyone at Maize has been welcoming, and I’m grateful to be a part of an amazing team,” Laura said. 

Thank you for all you do, Katy Carter and Laura Teter!




Alli Lampkin

Alli Lampkin, Pray-Woodman Elementary nurse

Several years ago, Nurse Alli at Pray-Woodman Elementary School witnessed a family member in the hospital who received great care from the nursing staff. Since then, she knew she wanted to go into nursing so she could deliver the same type of care and support to patients and families. 

In her nursing role at Pray-Woodman, she believes any illness, disability, or injury should not hinder a student’s education. If she can assist in providing care to students during their difficult times, she has accomplished what she feels she’s there to do. 

“To me, being a nurse means I can help individuals ... in need. Seeing a patient through their diagnosis and providing support along the way is vital in achieving the goal of healthy living,” Alli said.

Thank you for all you do, Alli Lampkin!



Stephany McClellan

Stephany mcClellan, Nurse at Maize South Elementary School

Meet Nurse Stephany at Maize South Elementary School. Each day, she strives to build relationships with staff members and students, along with their families. Being a part of a team, in a school, hospital, or community, helps her constantly learn, enhance her critical thinking skills, and provide compassionate care to her students. For her, getting to follow the students as they grow and get to know them and their families while providing them care makes her job great. 

“I want to show people they are valued and loved through the care I provide,” Stephany said. “I love teaching kids about the human body, how it works, and how to keep our bodies healthy and safe!”

Thank you for all you do, Stephany McClellan!






We have loved highlighting a handful of our great school nursing staff members recently and are thankful for what all our nurses and nurse paras do for our students and staff members. Each day, they strive to go above and beyond to care for and provide for our students’ health needs. Our nurses exemplify what it means to care and put others first. We are lucky to have you in our schools.

Thank you for all you do, nurses! OneMa1ze wouldn’t be the same without you.