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Daniel Gegen named MSHS's Celebrating Excellence in Education Awardee for 2020-21


Daniel Gegen at Maize South High School has taught art at Maize for the past 13 years. Prior to Maize, he taught at the Wichita Center for Arts for 15 years. During the 2020-21 school year, he was named one of 12 Celebrating Excellence in Education Award winners.

When asked what inspired him to pursue education, he said, “Education found me. I was going to be a studio artist when I got out of grad school, but fell into education at the Wichita Center for Arts.” The best part of his day is working with his students. He enjoys seeing his students' excitement when they create something they are proud of. His education experience has taught him how to make adjustments to create and adapt lessons for students with varying abilities.

We are proud to have Daniel as part of the OneMa1ze team!