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A day in the life at Maize South Intermediate School

music notesTeams: A group of students will be called families. Fifth-grade students will be in a grade-specific classroom family, and sixth-grade students will be in a different grade-specific classroom family. There will be a family of 5th grade and a family of 6th grade in each hallway. They will rotate through their own classes and may have some cross-grade family team-building activities together.

Class rotation: The same group of students in a family will change classrooms for different subjects. This includes fifth-grade students, who will rotate to different core teachers for English language arts, math, social studies, and science. Classes of about 25 students will be split primarily by grade level.

Fresh air time: Students will have access to fresh air time around lunch. Though there may not be scheduled recess times, there will be opportunities for movement throughout the day.

Student-selected enrichment classes: On Wednesdays, the school we will offer enrichment classes for all students. Students will choose from many choices, including STEM, Math Enrichment, Reading Enrichment, physical activities, broadcasting, drama/theater, music enrichment, technology, student leadership, and more.

BOB time: Students will have Band/Orchestra/Books each day. The time also will have mini courses during this time to explore various topics.

Student storage: Each classroom will have open-faced lockers for student items and supplies.

Band and orchestra: There will be opportunities for fifth- and sixth-grade students.

Clubs time: There are plans for opportunities to allow students to explore their interests.