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Meet nurse Shelley Funk at Maize Middle School

Nurse Shelley at Maize Middle School took a different route to the nursing field. Growing up, Shelley dreamed of becoming a teacher, but when matched with a teacher who didn’t find joy in her job, she looked elsewhere. During this time, her mother-in-law worked in nursing and helped Shelley believe she could be a nurse. The belief she put in Shelley inspired her to pursue nursing. Now, Shelley lives the best of both worlds as a school nurse who teaches students about healthy habits.

“I love middle schoolers. It’s special getting to talk with them, help them navigate through tough situations, care for them, and show them kindness,” Shelly said. “You don’t become a nurse unless you love people and have the passion to care for others.” 

She enjoys having the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, whether it’s in her medical care, loving on people, lightening their load, or finding a way to make their life more pleasant. Thank you for all you do, Shelley Funk!