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Mavericks, Eagles build airplane together

Students pose with the airplane they built during the 2017-18 school year.

Maize USD 266 is the only school district in the state of Kansas where high school students spent 2017-18 building an airplane. On May 21, the district revealed that RV-12 plane and celebrated a tremendous partnership with an end-of-the-year Flying Challenge event at our Maize Career Academy. Special thanks to Airbus, TangoFlight, WSU Tech, and all supporters of the project.

About 40 professional aviation mentors, including John O'Leary, Airbus Vice President, spent many hours working alongside our Maize High School and Maize South High School students to build the #OneMa1ze plane, which soon will be air-worthy and FAA-licensed. The plane will take its first flight soon and will be on display at the premiere Oshkosh airshow in July.

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