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Tax rate remains flat, competitive for 2019-20 district budget

Maize Board of Education members during their Aug. 12 budget hearing approved the 2019-20 budget. The tax rate remains flat at 58.8 mills, competitive with area districts. The budget includes employee compensation increases reflected in current contracts.

There was a change regarding the Supplemental General Fund, also known as the Local Option Budget (LOB): The district faces a reduction in special education state aid, which means special education is underfunded and the district must make up the gap. To balance the budget, board members approved an LOB percentage increase from 30 to 32.08. To keep the tax rate flat, the board approved a change to Capital Outlay. The changes are not directly related to the bond issue, salary increases, or other budget components.

School funding can be complicated, and anyone interested can learn more on the district’s website by clicking here.