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Bond issue projects to include infrastructure, roadway improvements

Road work ahead Maize USD 266 has been meeting with the City of Maize, architects, and others related to infrastructure, roads, sewers, and similar improvements needed in connection with the new buildings planned as part of the current bond issue. Improvements, including a new turning lane and a traffic light, will be made to the intersection of 119th and 45th streets to support the north intermediate school and to the intersection of Academy Avenue and 119th Street to support the aquatorium pool-auditorium facility.

Improvements also will come to 45th Street North from 119th Street to 135th Street to accommodate increased traffic. This will include expanding 45th Street west of 119th Street to three lanes to the area south of the new intermediate school and paving 45th Street as a two-lane road until it reaches 135th Street.

The City of Maize and Maize USD 266 plan to share the costs of these projects, expected to total around $4.4 million, although the amount of each entity’s specific contributions have yet to be determined. The roadway construction will lead to summer road and/or lane closures later this year and in 2021.

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