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No spectators at Maize USD 266 athletics, but season will continue for now

For many educators and coaches, the relationship they build with their students is nearly as important as the connections they have with their students’ parents, families, and supporters. That is among the reasons why this season of COVID-19 is so difficult, as we must balance those interactions with safety, health, and the ability to offer our students the opportunities that are such an important part of any school year. With this in mind, this message is a difficult one to deliver, as we find ourselves in a situation we do not want for ourselves, our students, and their biggest fans.

At this time, district leaders are taking significant steps to continue to provide as many opportunities for students for as long as possible. We would like to proceed with winter sports cautiously while we monitor the number of cases, quarantines, and staff availability. Unfortunately, the district has experienced challenges related to guests and spectators not complying with COVID-19-related health and safety measures, including properly wearing face masks. Many times, COVID-19 cases that originate from outside of school negatively affect opportunities for our students. At this point, school board members will support the continuation of the current athletic season but will not currently support the presence of spectators. This and other attempts to continue providing opportunities for students will be continually assessed throughout the remainder of the school year.

We are sorry to share that there will be no spectators permitted to attend student athletic events hosted at Maize USD 266 schools and facilities beginning Nov. 10 and until further notice. Visitors also will not be permitted to gather on school property before, during, or after games. The potential to host limited fine arts events will be considered on a case-by-case basis. This difficult decision follows the Monday Maize Board of Education meeting and a pivot to full-time remote learning. We realize how disappointing this news is for all of us. 

When possible, the district will live stream sports for public viewing or record the competitions and share digitally.

As the district communicated yesterday, the current environment created by COVID-19 is affecting the district’s daily operations. Our goal is to have our students back in our schools face-to-face as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

Dr. Chad Higgins

Superintendent of Schools

Maize USD 266