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Jessica Shurts named MHS's Celebrating Excellence in Education Awardee for 2020-21

Jessica Shurts, Maize High School science teacher, recently finished her 10th year with Maize. During the 2020-21 school year, she was named one of 12 Celebrating Excellence in Education Award winners. She was also selected as one of the 2023 Kansas Teacher of the Year Nominees. 

When asked about her favorite part of the school day, Jessica said, “Anytime I get to do a lab with students and hear about the different things going on in their lives.” She hopes her students remember that through hard work and persevering, they can accomplish their goals. 

The best advice she received when entering into education was that her classroom and student interactions should reflect what you would want your children to experience every day. She uses this advice in her classroom to ensure she is building connections, trust, and respect from her students.

We are proud to have Jessica as part of the OneMa1ze team!