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2023 Celebrating Excellence in Education Winner

Stan Bergkamp may be best known by many for his work with the solar energy arrays at 119th and 45th and, most recently, at Pray-Woodman Elementary School. But for the past 33 years, he's been teaching Maize High School seniors physics and chemistry.

"I can't imagine teaching in a better district," he said. "Education is a thrill, getting to share information in a way that kids choose to learn, how they get excited, and where they are inspired to learn new ideas."

Inside his lab, it's the "tink moments" that make him the most excited. He describes this as when kids learn the connection between science aspects and real-world ideas and concepts.

"When they look back at my class in 20 years, they won't remember how to find the velocity of a rock when it hits the ground, but they'll remember my humanity, how I teach with passion and give my best each day for them," he said. " They have the capacity to change their corner of the world, as long as they give their best to their passions."